Path Of Exile Overview Of The Acts

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Travelling around the world of Wraeclast is simply done by unlocking waypoints while questing, and there’s plenty of atmosphere to soak up. Whether it’s dashing along the coastlines of Act 1, running through forests in Act 2 or finding a path through the Imperial Gardens in Act 3, the game’s locations are pretty diverse. GGG have done a good job with the visuals; it may not be as polished as Diablo 3, but it has its own look and charm.

Acts 1-5 serve as Part 1 of the story and while Acts 6-10 serve as Part 2.

In the Act 1, the exile washes up and makes to a settlement before pushing on to discover what lies beyond. This includes Axiom Prison, where Brutus guards, and Siren's Cove, where Merveil lures sailors to their deaths.

In the Act 2, the exile is driven farther inland. Among the forests, riverways and caves, groups of bandits have built fortified camps and openly challenge one another while extorting food and supplies from a small, struggling village. In the north, an ancient Vaal spirit is stirring in the dark.

In the Act 3, the exile visit the ancient city of Sarn, capitol of the Eternal Empire. The city is inhabited by undead and Blackguard soldiers from Oriath. Dominus and Piety perform gruesome experiments in their laboratories, trying to unlock the power of the virtue gems.

In the Act 4, the exile travels to Highgate, a former Empire mining city that is now inhabited by a band of Maraketh. They guard the mountain where Sekhema Deshret sealed the Beast after it destroyed the Eternal Empire. The Beast now stirs and its master, Malachai, hopes to remake the world in the image of Nightmare. Lady Dialla seeks the exile's help to destroy the Beast permanently.

In the Act 5, the exile returns to Oriath to find the slaves in revolt. The leader of the revolt claims allegiance to Kitava, a Karui god of corruption. The exile seeks to kill High Templar Avarius in order to end the tyranny of the Templars.

In Act 6, the exile flees to the relative safety of Wraeclast after failing to kill Kitava. Sin has a plan to deal with the god, but he requires the souls of Shavronne, Maligaro, and Doedre. Additionally, the death of the Beast has awakened many of Wraeclast's old gods.

In the Act 7, the exile lands at the broken bridge that was once ruled by Kraityn. Now it is home to Yeena, Helena and Eramir, who fled the Forest Encampment after the gods returned. Greust has been possessed by Ralakesh and Silk is nowhere to be found. Sin asks the exile to acquire the soul of Maligaro, who is hiding in his own realm.

In the Act 8, the exile returns to the Sarn Encampment in search of Doedre Darktongue, who has taken up residence in the city's sewers. Solaris and Lunaris, the city's matron gods, have awoken and started to battle. Maramoa requests the exile do something before the fighting endangers the encampment. Tolman has risen in an undead form, and Clarissa seeks to revive him fully. Grigor has returned to his home of Ezomyr in search of a cure for his deformities.

In the Act 9, the exile returns to Highgate, whose waters run red with the blood of the slain Beast. Sin's plan for defeating Kitava involves waking a Dark Ember from the corpse of the Beast, as it was the Beast that kept the gods sleeping over the eons. Like elsewhere, one of Highgate's residents has been enthralled by a god. Here it is Kira, who has kidnapped Oyun as a sacrifice to Garukhan. In the power vacuum that follows, Irasha and Tasuni vie for leadership.

In the Act 10, the exile returns to Oriath, courtesy of Lilly Roth, to kill Kitava once and for all. Landing on the docks, the exile is greeted by Lani, who tells a harrowing tale of escape from the Overseer's Tower after Viletta betrays her and Bannon. The exile must find Bannon, awake Innocence and kill Kitava.

Epilogue deals with the aftermath of Kitava's defeat. It can be considered Path of Exile's final storyline act, and the start of the endgame. Its town is Oriath.

The quality of the game really changes as you move through the acts. The first act can feel a little tedious and less diverse than later acts, which is as shame as first impressions count, but when you hit Act 3 some of the early roughness disappears. This is probably because GGG are a small indie development team that has been going back and fixing up some of the early content that was released first.

Randomisation is a key factor in Path of Exile and fortunately GGG has managed to get this right with levels that really are random – I’ve not come across a level yet that’s stayed entirely the same. This is a huge plus point for replayability, but it also has one drawback: when you die and have to go back to a waypoint, the level has reset, so you have to battle your way through the hordes to get back to where you were. That doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen and it also depends on how quickly you complete a level.

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